EHRI Community Hub

Wednesday, 9 May, 2012

Be part of the Holocaust Research Community and register for the EHRI Community HUB.

EHRI wants to actively support the Holocaust research community. We are creating an online portal that will give access to dispersed Holocaust sources. Additional to this portal we will develop a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) for Holocaust researchers. The Hub is a beginning.

By registering for the Hub you can watch EHRI progress and play a part in this. The aim of the Community Hub is to offer the archival and research communities interested in the Holocaust the opportunity to virtually collaborate with each other on our website, and to get more tightly involved in EHRI. Upon completion, the Community Hub will enable members to:

  • Register on our website and to create a profile 
  • Explore the profiles of other member with similar interest
  • Manage their subscriptions to EHRI email communications 
  • Access and comment on documents and other project outcomes developed by EHRI as they become available 
  • Create, and participate in, community groups. Community groups bring together individuals that share an interest in a particular theme related to the Holocaust. Creators and members of such groups can virtually collaborate by, for instance, posting news, announcements and discussion posts, soliciting comments on such posts, or share documents with each other.

At present, the Hub already supports registration, and, upon registration, subscription to EHRI email communications, and the creation and exploration of profiles. We are currently also establishing a number of invitation-only community groups that are closely related to the EHRI project.

 We are expecting to offer an enhanced version of the Hub during the second part of 2012 that will allow members to create their own community groups and to access, and comment on, selected EHRI documents.

Please register now to take full advantage of present and future offerings of the Hub. If you are interested in setting up an early community group, please contact us.