Deliverables EHRI-3 2020-2024

On this page, we publish the public Deliverables of EHRI-3, 2020-2024. Within a EU project, a Deliverable represents a verifiable output of the project. Normally, each Work Package (WP) will produce one or more Deliverables during its lifetime. Deliverables are often written reports but can also take another form, for example the completion of a prototype etc.

Deliverables EHRI-3 2020-2024

WP1 Management

WP2 NA1 Dissemination

WP3 NA2 Impact, Innovation and Sustainability

WP4 NA3 Localisation and Capacity Building

WP5 NA4 Training and Education

WP6 NA5 Coordination of Transnational Access

WP7 VA1 Virtual Access

WP8 TA1 Trans-national Access

WP9 JRA1 Data Identification and Integration

WP10 JRA2 Thematic Layers Across Collections

WP11 JRA3 Connecting Micro Archival Communities and Standards

WP12 JRA4 New Approaches to Holocaust Research and Archiving

D12.1 EHRI-3 Data Management Plan