Deliverables EHRI-PP 2019-2023

On this page, we publish the public Deliverables of the Preparatory Phase of EHRI, 2019-2023. Within a EU project, a Deliverable represents a verifiable output of the project. Normally, each Work Package (WP) will produce one or more Deliverables during its lifetime. Deliverables are often written reports but can also take another form, for example the completion of a prototype etc.

Deliverables EHRI-PP 2019-2023

WP1 Preparatory Phase management

WP2 Governance and legal work

D2.1 - Selection of host country and location of central hub

D2.2 - Selection and Analysis of the Legal Frameworks for Distributed Research Infrastructures and the preferred model for EHRI

WP3 Finance

WP4 Sustainability

D4.3 - Internationalisation strategy

D4.4 - Report on European outreach and negotiation with funders 

WP5 User, access and training strategy

D5.1 - User Needs Analysis

D5.2 User strategy and access policy

D5.3 Training concept for users and staff

D5.4 Service Registry

WP6 Research and innovation strategy

D6.3 - Action plan for keeping EHRI users connected

D6.6 - Updated scientific case and research priorities

WP7 Technical development and data management

D7.1 - Survey of Technical Requirements

D7.3 - Data Management Plan EHRI-RI

D7.4 - Technical Report

WP8 Dissemination and communication

D8.1 - Project Communication Instruments

D8.4 - Publicity materials and presentations

D8.5 - A long-term marketing and communication strategy

WP9 Implementation

WP10 Ethics requirements