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Emily Budick (Israel), Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “The Holocaust and the “Subject” of Art”.

Emily holds the Ann and Joseph Edelman Chair in American Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she is also the chair of the Department of English.

Her major publications include: Emily Dickinson and the Life of Language; Fiction and Historical Consciousness and Engendering Romance, both published by Yale UP; Blacks and Jews in Literary Conversation (Cambridge); Aharon Appelfeld's Fiction (Indiana), and Psychotherapy and the Everyday Life (Karnac).

She has recently completed a book-length manuscript entitled The Holocaust and the "Subject" of Fiction. Her recent project has to do with the Holocaust and what Cora Diamond has called the "difficulty of reality." It will deal with paintings, museum sites, memorials, and other commemorative representations and spaces, such as Theresienstadt.