New Document Blog | The Lost Jews of Stettin: A Revealing Letter from 1942

EHRI Document Blog Post The Lost Jews of Stettin
Thursday, 3 June, 2021

A new EHRI Document Blog post by Judith Haran analyses a document from Harvard Law School’s extensive collection of documents from the Nuremberg trials. This letter, that was not used in any of the Nuremberg trials, includes an 11-page list of 280 deceased Jews deported from Stettin in February 1940. By inquiring the purpose of this list, the post follows the history of the deportation of more than 1,000 Jews leaving from Stettin and the fate of the deportees.

Judith Haran has been analyzing documents for the Nuremberg Project at Harvard Law School since 2017.

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Image: Rudolf Bilfinger, “Letter by Rudolf Bilfinger to the Gestapo Main Office Stettin including an 11-page list of 280 deceased Jewish deportees,” EHRI Documents, accessed June 3, 2021,