How to get involved


EHRI has several activities on its 4-year calendar that will allow you to participate.

You can stay up to date of our progress and activities by visiting this website regularly and by subscribing to the EHRI Newsletter and mailings. Follow this link for subscribing.

The News items page gives the latest information related to EHRI, from our partners and from our network. Please, contact us if you have news that may be suitable for this page.

Since January 2011 EHRI issues a newsletter at regular intervals. The first two EHRI Newsletters were in PDF format. The following EHRI Newsletters were and are in the form of e-Newsletters. You can find the newsletters on the Press page and the articles also on the News items pages.

EHRI organizes expert meetings, workshops, and methodological seminars. The overall objective of the EHRI experts' workshop is to generate a creative exchange of knowledge and views between experts in various methodological subfields of Holocaust research and documentation. The expert meetings and workshops are always held at one of EHRI’s partner institutions. The latest calls and dates can be found on the Events & Workshops page. Various news articles have been written about the workshops. Between 2010 and 2015 several EHRI experts newsletter were published with in-depth articles about the outcomes of the various workshops.

Starting end of 2015, EHRI has a new fellowship programme. The new programme will be more flexible. It will have an open call, duration of stay can vary, and not only Holocaust researchers with a link to a university can apply, but also other interested parties, like archivists or museum workers. Read more about the EHRI Fellows 2012; EHRI Fellows 2013; and EHRI Fellows 2014.

So far EHRI has organized four summer schools: two in 2013, and two in 2014. The EHRI Summer Schools in Holocaust Studies provided an overview on methods, sources and the state of research in Holocaust history research and are aimed at the graduate level. The EHRI summer schools in 2013 were held at Mémorial de la Shoah in Paris, France between 15 July and 2 August 2013, and at the Institut für Zeitgeschichte München -Berlin, in Munich, Germany between 22 July and 9 August 2013. Find out more about the 2013 EHRI Summer Schools.

In April 2014 an EHRI Summer School was organised at Yad Vashem, Israel. The fourth EHRI Summer School took place in July 2014 at the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam. Read more about the 2014 EHRI Summer Schools.

Between 2010-2015 EHRI co-organised four conferences. During the second phase of the project, at least two more conferences will be held.