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Agnieszka Filipek holds a master’s degree in history and graduated from the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin in Lublin. She is a professional archivist, with several years of experience at the National Archives in Krakow, the Branch in Nowy Sącz. Agnieszka is Board Member of the Foundation for the Promotion of the Historical and Cultural Heritage EUROS – WIND FROM THE EAST. The areas of her reserach and interest are mainly historical and archival education, history of the 20th century, Holocaust and the history of Jews in Nowy Sącz, genealogy and history of the region of Nowy Sącz. She is author or co-autor of articles and educational projects, for example The Sądecki Games (two editions) and The Young Archivist (one edition). Currently Agnieszka is working on a project, under the working title: „Case of Heinrich Hamann, SS commmandant in Nowy Sącz 1960-1966”.