EHRI Podcast | For the Living and the Dead. Traces of the Holocaust

A second season of the EHRI Podcast For the Living and the Dead. Traces of the Holocaust is launched on Thursday October 5, 2023. The first episode that is now released is called A Sunflower for Simon, featuring Marianne Windsperger and Kinga Frojicmovics. The other new episodes will be published on a biweekly basis.

This first podcast season of six episodes was released on a biweekly basis, starting 29 September 2022.

In each episode of For the Living and the Dead, a Holocaust researcher talks about an object, now often in a museum or archive, that tells a very personal story about the Holocaust. The first season of the EHRI podcast features a teddy bear, mica-flakes, a postcard, gramophone discs, a magazine cover and a typewriter. The unique stories come from all over Europe – the Holocaust being a continent-wide phenomenon – ranging from Belgium to Ukraine, from Romania to Italy.

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A Paper Heart for Wanda

A Paper Heart for Wanda Yael Fried talks about a beautifully crafted paper heart made in Sweden.

A Sunflower for Simon

A Sunflower for Simon Kinga and Marianne talk about Simon Wiesenthal and the sunflowers.

A Tefillin Tale from Siberia

A Tefillin Tale from Siberia Lidia talks about the Jewish-Polish family Polaniecki and their birch-bark tefilllin made in Siberia.

A Desperate Call from the Cold Crematorium

A Desperate Call from the Cold Crematorium Johannes talks about a special letter from Jewish prisoners near Dachau.

Life-Saving Linoleum

Life-Saving Linoleum András talks about Endre Káldori and Jewish resistance in Hungary

A Typewriter in Transit

A Typewriter in Transit Karel talks about Babyn Yar, Kiev and writer Anatoly Kuznetsov.

A Petition on a Postcard

A Petition on a Postcard Ana talks about Romanian boys Marcu and Sorel Rozen.

A Mica Flake from Theresienstadt

A Mica Flake from Theresienstadt Robert talks about Emma Jonas and glimmer.

A Girl and a Teddy Bear

A Girl and a Teddy Bear Veerle tells the story of Norbert Vos and his teddy bear.

A Photo from No-Man's Land

A Photo from No-Man's Land Michal tells the story of the people stuck in the No Man’s Lands.

A Box of Old Gramophone Discs Dusted Off

A Box of Old Gramophone Discs Dusted Off Laura will tell the story of Cesare and Lello Di Segni and how she rediscovered their voices on lost records.