EHRI Online Editions

The EHRI Online Editions consist of annotated digitized documents from various sources gathered around a theme, and are a new way of presenting digital archival content. A new edition is published at irregular intervals.

Available editions:

Diplomatic Reports

The online edition "Diplomatic Reports" focuses on how diplomatic staff reported the persecution and murder of European Jews during World War II. It contains documents by the diplomatic staff of (temporary) allies, opponents as well as neutral countries, reporting from countries under German occupation. Next to the documents and translations, the edition offers an introduction to the countries the diplomatic staff came from, highlighting their diplomatic relations before and during the war, the general character of the reports and the role that the persecution of the Jews played in them.

Currently, the edition includes reports of the diplomatic staff from Denmark, Italy, Japan and the US. Foreseeable, reports by Hungarian, Slovak and Swedish diplomats will be added.

 Early Holocaust Testimony

As the persecution and mass murder of European Jews unfolded, and shortly after the liberation, activists set out to document the fate of their communities. Jewish historical committees in several countries collected documents, artifacts and testimonies and brought together a major body of evidence - yet one which was later forgotten or used reluctantly. The edition, for the first time, brings together samples of early testmonies of Jewish witnesses and survivors taken before the 1960s.

Begrenzte Flucht (in German)

Nach dem "Anschluss" 1938 wurde die Tschechoslowakei zu einem der wichtigsten Zufluchtsländer für verfolgte ÖsterreicherInnen. Eingeschränkt wurde diese Flucht durch die gesperrte Grenze und die zunehmend restriktive Flüchtlingspolitik des noch demokratischen tschechoslowakischen Staates. Diese Edition vereint dazu erstmals Quellen aus tschechischen, österreichischen und weiteren Archiven.