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Katharina Hering

Katharina Hering (United States/Germany), Project Archivist, National Equal Justice Library, Georgetown Law Library, Washington, D.C., “The Ethics of Access to Case Files Documenting Reparation and Restitution Claims” 

During her EHRI fellowship, she will be working on an independent research project focusing on the ethical and practical challenges of state archives and archivists to provide access to reparation and restitution case files containing personal, medical, and other privileged and confidential information. 

Katharina Hering holds a Ph.D. in history from George Mason University, an MLIS specializing in archives, preservation, and records management from the University of Pittsburgh, and a M.A. equivalent in political science and history from the University of Hamburg. Her professional research interests include archival ethics, archival history, and international archival affairs.