Jewish Museum in Prague

Hadas Gabay

Hadas Gabay is a PhD student in the Department of the Arts in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. She holds a BA in the Department of Jewish Art and the Department of Educational Counseling, at Bar Ilan University, and an MA at the Department of Contemporary Judaism, Bar Ilan University. Hadas’s research focuses on the caricatures of Pavel Fantl from the Terezin ghetto.

She will focus on uncovering and analyzing lesser-known caricatures created in the ghetto from an artistic and historical perspective and the context of the artist biographies. In addition, she will demonstrate how the caricatures’ critical function is expressed and investigate the artist’s reasons for choosing caricatures as their medium of expression and will examine how the living conditions in the ghetto affected the choice to draw caricatures and whether caricatures as a humoristic tool can serve as documentation of ghetto life.