A Message of Support for Our Israeli Friends

Yad Vashem Welcomes EHRI
Thursday, 19 October, 2023

EHRI has been very fortunate to be able to count on the expertise, dedication and commitment of our colleagues at Yad Vashem since its very beginning, and over the years we have made many new friends in Israel. We have been able to enjoy the generous hospitality offered by our Israeli colleagues on countless occasions, most recently during this year’s EHRI-3 General Partner Meeting in Jerusalem.

We also know that many members of the EHRI consortium have family, relatives and friends in the region and that many are mourning, or concerned about the safety of, their loved ones.

We are appalled that the lives of so many have been thrown into turmoil by the recent events. At the same time, we can only admire the courage and dedication of our Israeli colleagues who continue to work with us on a daily basis in this very difficult situation.

EHRI is a human network as much as it is a digital infrastructure. We sincerely hope that the strength of this network may help those affected in these dark hours. We certainly would like to express our sympathy and full solidarity with anyone that has been affected.