New EHRI Blogpost | Pinus Rubinstein’s Diary of the War and the Holocaust in Cernăuți

Tuesday, 9 April, 2024

Exploring Lived Experiences

Pinus Rubinstein, a barber who lived in the city of Cernăuți (Chernivtsi, now in Ukraine), kept his diary for most of his adult life from 1900 to 1949. In three handwritten notebooks, amounting to hundreds of pages, Rubinstein recorded a unique long-term personal experience with life in then-Romania, including the political radicalisation in the late 1930s. This article focuses on the wartime period and the Holocaust, culminating with Rubinstein´s emigration to Palestine. This new EHRI Document Blogpost is written by Gaëlle Fisher. Read the Blogpost.

Image: Czernowitz, Romania, 1941: Removal of Debris near the Gestapo offices. Source: Yad Vashem 4517/2 and War Archive in Kyiv.