EHRI Document Blog | The “Tombstones Affair”: On the Fate of Jewish Cemeteries in Odessa under the Romanian Occupation (1941-1944)

Odessa WW2
Thursday, 16 November, 2023

The latest EHRI Document Blogpost, by Svetlana Suveica, follows the story of a trial that began on 29 January 1945, after gravestones from Jewish cemeteries in Odessa had been removed and transported to Bucharest during the Romanian occupation in the Second World War.

The article follows the story of the "Tombstone Affair" and one of the relatively few criminal trials initiated by Romania after the Second World War, providing new insights into the local dynamics of war and the Holocaust in south-western Ukraine.

The story also raises pressing questions about the preservation of Jewish cultural heritage in Eastern Europe, which is currently under threat, most dramatically from Russia's ongoing war against Ukraine.

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Image: A postcard with the New (Second) Jewish Cemetery, Odessa (before 1917). Source: