New EHRI Document Blog | The Ukrainian Town of Mizoch on the Map of the Holocaust

EHRI Document Blog Mizoch
Thursday, 19 October, 2023

"I was born in the Soviet Ukraine. According to the memory politics of this state, we were not told anything about the Holocaust as children, and for a long time this topic was terra incognita for me. During school lessons about World War II, which was then called the “Great Fatherland War,” we heard about the victorious heroism of Soviet soldiers and the Red Army. But the voices of the victims sounded only faint and muffled—if they were heard at all."

The new EHRI Document Blogpost by Roman Mykhalchuk looks at the Jewish persecution and mass atrocities in the Ukrainian town of Mizoch during World War II. It contextualises the regional research within the current scholarship of Holocaust Studies, including the politics of memory and local remembrance activities, and indicates possible future research trajectories.

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