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Monday, 10 June, 2024

The latest EHRI Document Blogpost Ukrainian Police and the Holocaust in Ukraine. A Brief Overview is written by Daniil Sytnyk and translated into English by Amber Nickel. It analyses the activities and participation of diverse Ukrainian auxiliary police units in mass atrocities committed against Jews on the micro level.

Even though the research on the collaboration of the local population during the Holocaust has increasingly intensified in recent decades, information on auxiliary police personnel of cities and districts in Ukraine is still fragmentary. This article problematises the structure and competencies of these police units and traces their involvement in the mass atrocities committed against Jews in the Ukrainian territory during the German occupation.

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Image taken from the Blogpost: A police officer (with an armband) and Jews detained during the pogrom in Sambir. Kai Struve, German authorities, Ukrainian nationalism, violence against Jews: The Summer of 1941 in Western Ukraine, 362.