Yad Vashem

Aleksandra Sajdak

Aleksandra Sajdak is a PhD candidate at the Polish Academy of Science in the Institute of Literary Research. She works as a Genealogist and researcher at the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute as well as the Taube Center for the Jewish Life and Learning as a Senior Program Manager, Researcher and Educator. Her PhD project is an exploration of the term “zamlen”, understood as a concept of historical scholarship in service to the Jewish community. She discusses it and its meaning for the survivor community, focusing on the case of Emanuel Ringelblum’s Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto (Oyneg Shabbes Archive) and the way in which it was perceived by Ringelblum’s successors (often considered to be his heirs), survivor-historians who dealt with the symbolic, emotional and scholarly weight of the unearthed Archive and navigated their work against the complexity of post-war Polish-Jewish History.