Yad Vashem

Verena Buser

Verena Buser’s research focuses on the areas of Hachshara and non-Zionist emigration preparations; childhood and youth during and after the Shoah; the forced Germanization of Polish children, and Jewish functionaries under Nazi rule. Dr. Buser’s work was among others supported by the Leo Baeck Institute in New York, the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, the Hadassah Brandeis Institute or the Szloma-Albam-Foundation in Berlin.

Together with Dr. Boaz Cohen (Head of Holocaust Studies Program at Western Galilee Colle in Acre) she founded the Children after the Holocaust, War and Genocide project (cwg1945.org) which brings the historical knowledge of child rehabilitation to today’s world. She published a number of articles and research papers, just recently about the detention camp Atlit in Mandate Palestine (Bloomsbury) and a Jewish camp elder in an Auschwitz subcamp (Yad Vashem Publishing).