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EHRI Fellow Krzysztof Kocjan

Krzysztof Kocjan is an independent researcher. He studied Social Anthropology and Law at University of Warsaw. Krzysztof was a fellow of Tempus program at Université de Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne.

He translated into Polish books by Mircea Eliade, Claude Levi-Strauss, Jacques Le Goff, Georges Dumezil & Didier Eribon.

His historical interests refer to the past of his own native town – Olkusz (Poland), especially the fate of the Jewish population in the pre-war Olkusz district, split during the Second World War into one part incorporated by the Third Reich and the second entering into the General Government. He published “Zagłada olkuskich Żydów” (Shoah of Olkusz Jews, 2002, 2017) and is the co-author of “Nowy cmentarz żydowski w Olkuszu” ("New Jewish Cemetery in Olkusz",in Studia Judaica Cracoviensia, Jagiellonian University, 2003).