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Thursday, 21 January, 2021

Over the years EHRI has developed a broad range of services which have been delivered to a growing number of users of different backgrounds and disciplines. These services include those accessible online such as the EHRI Portal, the Documents Blog, The Online Editions, and Online Courses. In addition, various training services have been provided, and include a Fellowship Programme, workshops, seminars and conferences.

As we prepare to transform the EHRI project into a permanent research infrastructure, we aim to assess whether the existing  EHRI services fulfill the current and future needs of EHRI’s user community. For this purpose, we have prepared a survey intended for current and potential future users of various EHRI services. The “EHRI Survey: User, Access and Training Strategies” has been prepared on an online platform through SurveyMonkey. The survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes to fill out.

The survey consists of three parts:  In the first part – ‘General Information’ – we hope to learn more about the respondents, specifically their disciplinary and professional backgrounds. The second part of the survey deals with Access Provisions, where we aim to gain a better understanding of the expectations of EHRI users relating to these provisions. Finally, in the third part of the survey – EHRI Services – we wish to learn about use of various EHRI services, and user expectations in terms of services provided.  

The survey will be open until Friday March 5th. We encourage readers to fill out the survey and to feel free to distribute it widely among their peers. The invaluable input of EHRI users will enable us to develop and to refine our services to suit the needs of our growing user community.

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For any further questions, please feel free to contact Emmanuelle Moscovitz,

Image by Emily Morter for Unsplash