EHRI 1-2 Deliverables

On this page, we publish the public Deliverables of the first phase of the EHRI Project (2010-2015, funded by FP7 of the EU) and of the second phase (2015-2019, funded by Horizon2020 of the EU).

Within a EU project, a Deliverable represents a verifiable output of the project. Normally, each Work Package (WP) will produce one or more deliverables during its lifetime. Deliverables are often written reports but can also take another form, for example the completion of a prototype etc.

Deliverables EHRI-2 2015-2019

WP2 Dissemination and Communication

D2.4 Video showcase

D2.5 International Conference

WP4 Training and Education

D4.1 Methodological seminars - evaluation report

D4.2 Implementation of online courses

D4.3 Launch of the online course on archival sources on the Holocaust

D4.4 Launch of the online tutorial and accompanying documentation

WP6 Coordination with Humanities RI's and New Methodologies

D6.1 Seven workshops with related Humanities RIs and Sciences/Computer Sciences

D6.2 Concluding conference with experts in Holocaust documentation and research and cultural and digital industry

WP8 Trans-National Access

D8.1 414 Weeks of access

WP9 Data identification and Integration

D9.1 Identification progress reports

D9.4 Resource reports.pdf

D9.5 Final report on data identification and integration

WP10 Resource Identification and Integration Workflows

D10.1 Collection Description Production Services

D10.2 Collection Description Publishing Services

D10.3 Training resources and workshop for the publication of archival descriptions

WP11 Users and Standards

D11.4 Report standards

D11.5 Report Archivists and Collection Holding Institutions as Users

WP12 New views on digital archives

D12.2 Thematic approach 1: edition of documents

D12.3 Report on digital archives and lieux de memoire

WP13 Research Data Infrastructures for Holocaust Material

D13.2 Long-term access infrastructure for preserving Holocaust research objects

D13.3 Data management planning for long-term preservation

D13.4 Trusted digital repository workshop

WP14 Digital Historiography of the Holocaust

D 14.1 Report on research use cases

D14.2 Engagement workshops/hackathons with Holocaust researchers

D14.3 Open Analysis Toolset

D14.4 Marketplace of Digital Historiography Methods and Tools


Deliverables EHRI-1 2010-2015

WP2 Research Guides

D 2 1 Terezin research guide

D 2 2 Jewish communities research guide

WP3 Privacy

D 3 2 Handbook on Privacy and Access

WP4 Coordinating Transnational Access

D 4 1 Selection of 12 users (Dec 2011)

D 4 2 Selection of 12 users (Jul 2013)

D 4 3 Selection of 12 users (May 2014)

D 4 4 Joint user meeting and final evaluation report

WP5 Training

D 5 1 Programme summer course

D 5 2 Summer course 1 and 2

D 5 3 Summer course 3 and 4

WP6 Interdisciplinary Methodologies

D 6 1 Two interdisciplinary workshops.doc

D 6 2 Methodological online newsletter 1.doc

D 6 3 Three interdisciplinary workshops.doc

D 6 4 Methodological online newsletter 2.doc

D 6 5 Two Interdisciplinary workshops.doc

D 6 6 Methodological online newsletter 3.pdf

D 6 7 Two Interdisciplinary workshops.pdf

D 6 8 Methodological online newsletter 4.pdf

WP8 Publicity & dissemination

D 8 5 Publications (May 2013).doc

D 8 6 Publications (Jan 2014).doc

D 8 7 Three Regional Workshops.doc

D 8 9 Publications (Mar 2015).pdf

WP10-14 Transnational Access

D 10 1 36 weeks of Access NIOD.doc

D 11 1 36 weeks of access IfZ.doc

D 12 1 36 weeks of access YV.doc

D 13 1 36 weeks of access JMP.doc

D 14 1 48 weeks of access MS.doc

WP19 Data Integration Infrastructure

D 19 2 Metadata Registry.doc

D 19 3 Multilingual Search Interface.docx

D 19 5 Filled Metadata Registry.pdf

WP20 Portal and VRE

D 20 5 Final release VRE.doc